MuleSoft Recruitment Services

  • Are you in the planning stages of a new Mule project, or in the middle of one right now?
  • Have you struggled in the past with finding the right Mule resource at the right time?
  • Would having a view of the entire Mule contract and permanent market help with your current and/or future projects?

We understand that the people make the project. We believe that having a view of the upcoming availability of Muley’s will help plan for future projects as well as fill the gaps in existing ones.

MuleSoft Candidate Availability Dashboard

As the UK’s only dedicated MuleSoft Recruitment Team we have created a dashboard of availability that we will update each month. It shows our internal, contract and permanent network from UK and Europe, representing c. 200 individuals.

MuleSoft Candidate Availability Dashboard - January 2018
MuleSoft Candidate Availability Dashboard – January 2018

What can Influential Software offer?

MuleSoft® Official Partner

  • Mule consultancy, staffing and support services.
  • All delivered from within a UK team
  • Access to a Mule dashboard of availability across the contract & permanent markets.
  • Internal, fully-certified team of Muleys with minimum 3 years’ experience.
  • Highly competitive pricing for the purchase of new MuleSoft licences and the maintenance of existing MuleSoft estates.
  • A variety of proven business models, bespoke to your needs.
  • Pride and passion in assisting projects to a success by providing the top talent
  • A single supplier offering wider services beyond Mule:
    • .NET
    • Java
    • PHP
    • SAP Business Objects
    • IBM Cognos
    • Microsoft SharePoint

Complete our contact form or simply contact our MuleSoft Recruitment Team direct:

e: | t: 0207 460 4103 (9am-5pm work days) | m: 07471 509 397

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