Even in our high-tech world, it’s still true that “a tool is only as good as its user.” And while MuleSoft is the leader for enterprise integration, knowledge and strategy are still key to getting your ROI. That’s why we’ve rounded up the most common MuleSoft challenges – and how to solve them.


1: MuleSoft Licence Overspending

MuleSoft licensing requirements are based on factors such as capacity, volumetrics, pattern, usage, deployment, and environments, as well as any extra functionalities you need. With this level of complexity, there can be a conflict between cost and capability. That’s why clients turn to our MuleSoft licensing consultants for a balanced solution.

2: Skill Levels Preventing Full ROI

Even if your staff are software wizards, every tool is unique. That’s why training is essential. By sending your staff on an official MuleSoft training course, you’re sure to increase user adoption and improve performance.

3: Strategy Misaligned with Goals

Goals define strategy, and strategy defines technology. If any of these is unaligned, the whole project fails. That’s why consulting a tried and trusted partner is essential. A good MuleSoft consultant should have in-depth technical expertise – not only in MuleSoft, but in all major business systems – and proven experience of business use cases.

4: Integrations Failing to Perform

As stated above, MuleSoft is the tech leader for enterprise integration. So if MuleSoft isn’t performing for your business, that shows a misapplication of the software. A MuleSoft support team will provide health checks to identify the underperforming areas and find effective solutions.

5: Difficulty Finding MuleSoft Staff

Highly skilled MuleSoft staff are a precious resource – and scarce. Wouldn’t it be great if you could search a network of MuleSoft experts across the UK? A dedicated MuleSoft recruitment agency is the answer.

6: Systems Threatened by the Future

MuleSoft is a long-term investment. You want to be covered against potential changes in capacity and usage. A qualified MuleSoft consultant can run through the different scenarios so you’re prepared for any eventuality.

Six Solutions: An Expert MuleSoft Partner

The six challenges above each find their solutions in our MuleSoft Partner services. Whether you’re considering the first steps into MuleSoft or need assistance with your existing MuleSoft estate, our certified experts hold the answer.

Find the solutions to your MuleSoft challenges.

This article was originally posted on the Influential Software website.